From the Desk of the Editor

Popularizing the science has been the key concern from time immemorial. The various research outcomes of the laboratory need to be popularized in the society, with an interest for the greater benefit of the society. The Good Morning Science (GMS) begins its journey to bridge the gap between the laboratories and the common mass, to help people understand the difficult concepts of science and to make them aware of the various applications, which they have been doing unknowingly in daily life. From time to time we shall try to correlate the different branches of science and try to better understand the inner link among them.


Humankind is rich in the heritage of science with the foundation laid by our forefathers. The GMS heartily acknowledges and bows before the great ideas and personalities who have shaken the world with the light of knowledge and wisdom. We feel this as our responsibility to carry forward the messages from the great leaders in science to the common mass, through their work. Therefore, it is our attempt to focus infrequent times, on the great works and lives of those who took the pain to hold the cradle of science.


Rakesh Moulick, Ph.D., is presently working as an Assistant Professor at Lovely Professional University, Punjab, India. Dr. Moulick is a theoretical plasma physicist. His research interest lies in the study of Plasma sheath, Particle in cell techniques, Fluid dynamics, molecular dynamics etc. Apart from having a dignified research honor, he takes a keen interest in popularizing science and lures as a good science communicator.