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From the Desk of the Editor

At the very outset, GMS team is overwhelmed with enthusiasm, looking at the responses from the people and many other communities for the kind of initiative taken to bridge the science and society through scientific writing. We received a few articles in the previous issue describing the natural phenomena like murmuration, the lightning and thunder, a portable neutron source and how a search engine works. The articles are meant to enlighten the young minds and act as a science motivator. In this issue we hope to publish a few more articles on many other issues. The articles are contented with the existing technology, their societal benefits and harmful effects, some modernization over the old techniques etc. The articles put a hint of the fast changing technological and scientific world. We shall also attempt to talk about the big machines around the world.

The GM Science always look for the new and enlightening contributions from the authors with a perspective of societal benefit. Any such attempt is encouraged on our behalf. The laboratories may contribute as a whole in the section of lab insights, which will help any group to showcase their work and opportunity to write about their work in a non-technical way for the readers.

Rakesh Moulick, Ph.D., is presently working as an Assistant Professor at Lovely Professional University, Punjab, India. Dr. Moulick is a theoretical plasma physicist. His research interest lies in the study of Plasma sheath, Particle in cell techniques, Fluid dynamics, molecular dynamics etc. Apart from having a dignified research honor, he takes a keen interest in popularizing science and lures as a good science communicator.