Is life possible on MARS?

A discussion on the possibility of life on Mars or converting the whole planet into Earth is now a trending inconclusive maneuver. Although NASA’s MAVEN (Mars Atmosphere and Volatile Evolution mission) has been studying to find out the sustainability of life, but scientists and researchers predict that solar storms on Mars produce oxidants that had dilapidated the existence of life in the planet’s surface.

Studies also reveal that the Martian surface, is too cold and its atmosphere is too thin to support water at a stable liquid phase. Thus the atmosphere is unable to hold the adequate amount of water for phase changes and release enough latent heat to change the atmospheric circulation. Without changes in atmospheric circulation, the state of water vapor in the Martian atmosphere remains much like the state of water vapor in the Earth’s stratosphere. Therefore, since the Martian water cycle does not support water distribution to the surface, it is highly unlikely that life exists on Mars.


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