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Google Launched Perspective to Help Identify Toxic Comments by Machine Learning

Google and Jigsaw launched Perspective to help identify toxic comments by using Machine Learning technique of Artificial Intelligence. According to Google Blog, “Seventy-two percent of American internet users have witnessed harassment online and nearly half have personally experienced it. Almost a third self-censor what they post online for fear of retribution. According to the same report, online harassment has affected the lives of roughly 140 million people in the U.S., and much more elsewhere.”

To fight with this issue they introduced Perspective by which publishers—including members of the Digital News Initiative—and platforms can access this technology and use it for their sites through an API.

How Perspective will work | Google Blog

Google and Jigsaw are very optimistic with Perspective and according to them,”In the long run, Perspective is about more than just improving comments. We hope we can help improve conversations online.”

Source: Google Blog

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