Quantum teleportation from ground to space

The concept of quantum teleportation is that the state of an atom or photon particle can be transmitted from one place to another. Teleportation happens with the help of classical communication and quantum entanglement between the sending and receiving location. Recently Chinese researchers could perform the teleportation of a photon particle from the ground-to-satellite. Of course, it should be noted that teleportation never means the actual transport but transport of the state of photon. Also, the involvement of classical communication limits the process to below speed of light in vacuum.

Micius, a satellite launched last year, has highly sensitive photo receiver capable of detecting the state of a single photon transmitted from the ground. The prime objectives of the satellite were to test technological milestones for noticeable quantum events. This particular event can be a beginning of the better and secured internet in future. The Chinese team could create an entangled pair of photons on the ground at a rate of 4000 per second. One of these photons were beamed to the satellite and measurements were done on both ground and in orbit to confirm the entanglement.

Quantum teleportation entangled particle
Artist’s illustration of two entangled particle | Business Insider

Quantum entanglement occurs when a group of particles interacts in such a way that their quantum state cannot be described independent of each other even when the particles are separated by large distance. The area is of immense importance in the physics research and the effects have been demonstrated experimentally with photons, neutrinos, electrons etc.

Since the teleported photonic states are the same, measurement made on one immediately influence the other. This facility could be used to transmit the quantum information where the information associated with one photon may be passed on over an entangled link to another photon which will finally adapt the identity of the first.

Rakesh Moulick, Ph.D., is presently working as an Assistant Professor at Lovely Professional University, Punjab, India. Dr. Moulick is a theoretical plasma physicist. His research interest lies in the study of Plasma sheath, Particle in cell techniques, Fluid dynamics, molecular dynamics etc. Apart from having a dignified research honor, he takes a keen interest in popularizing science and lures as a good science communicator.