Qudits: The Face of Quantum Computing

Keeping the fast pace of development in the world of quantum computation, scientists could include another abbreviation to this field, which is named as Qudits. Qudits define the new future of quantum computing which is quite different than Qubits. The community could develop a microchip that can generate qudits, each assuming 10 or more states which is different from a qubit. Qubits operate on the … Continue reading Qudits: The Face of Quantum Computing

Complex States

Complex States of Light

Over the last few years, applied physicists are trying to develop some nanostructured material that can generate new and complex states of light. A recent study made by researchers from Harvard John A. Paulson School of Engineering and Applied Sciences have developed a new tool to generate, more complex states of light in a completely different way. “We have developed a metasurface which is a … Continue reading Complex States of Light


Quantum Entanglement of 16 Million Atoms

Quantum communication, a reality to the future communication system has taken a bold step forward in achieving this reality. The theory of Quantum Mechanics that predicts a vast number of atoms can be entangled and intertwined by a very strong relationship has been shown experimentally by the scientists at the University of Geneva (UNIGE), Switzerland. They demonstrated the successful entanglement of 16 million atoms in … Continue reading Quantum Entanglement of 16 Million Atoms