FUGU – Poisonous but Delicious

The flavor of food items varies with the different communities living in this wondrous planet. People seismically enlarge their tastes by finding different cooking recipes, both on vegetarian and non-vegetarian items. Out of such items, fishes remain as a regular food item for different bunches of people in this world. It may be known to some people that there are some countries (Japan, Korea, China) … Continue reading FUGU – Poisonous but Delicious

Solar Sunglass

Solar Sunglass – Shades with Solar Power

The generation of a permanent power source using the solar power is rather a difficult task but is not impossible. Recent trends are enhancing their research funds to explore more deeply into the near-term applications of the solar cells apart from using it directly only for power production. Organic solar cells are flexible, transparent, and light-weight and can be manufactured in arbitrary shapes or colors. … Continue reading Solar Sunglass – Shades with Solar Power


How Machines Gain Intelligence

As time flies we grow older, brain inherits disastrous syndromes, the body cannot act as much it needs to perform and we become dependable. So, the requirement of artificial intelligence or intelligent machines to move our limbs or to perform our daily activities becomes important. On the basis of how this intelligent machines perform work, can be categorized as: (i) Computational psychology – Understanding human … Continue reading How Machines Gain Intelligence


Tulsi Plant – A Medicinal Herb

Plants have been used for medicinal purposes long before prehistoric period. Although medical sciences prosper in developing good quality drugs but need the allocation of such herbs directly. One of such plant herbs is Ocimum tenuiflorum (synonym Ocimum sanctum), which is commonly known as holy basil or Tulasi (Sanskrit word). The tulsi shrub is an erect plant which grows to a height of 50 to … Continue reading Tulsi Plant – A Medicinal Herb

Lunar Dust

The Floating Lunar Dust

Moon doesn’t have an atmosphere synonymous to earth, so the surface of the satellite of earth mostly covered by a loose layer of heterogeneous superficial material covering solid rock called as regolith. The substance is a fine powder like, the tiny grains are most sharp and cut like glass, has a shiny look and nearly clings to everything. The dust formation occurs when meteoroids crash … Continue reading The Floating Lunar Dust

Mosquito Flight

The Physics behind Mosquito Flight

There is always a connection between the objects and subjects that deal with flying or rotating above the surface of the earth. Birds and insects are the inventing themes for scientists, the flying machines with mechanical shafts and engines existing today have a deep relation to those flying creatures. The unmanned and remotely operated flying objects find a much better place for covering the defense … Continue reading The Physics behind Mosquito Flight

Brain Aging

Secrets of Brain Aging

The cognitive behavior (CB) of the motor nerves or motor neurons in our brain deteriorates as we grow older and this creates a clumsy and stupid behavior in selves. A study by Joseph J. Thompson and his colleagues1 narrates the issues related to the behavior of the brain after crossing the age of 24, but it grades to another state where up gradation prevails on … Continue reading Secrets of Brain Aging

Smart guns

Smart Guns – A Technology Hike for Ordinary Guns

Although it feels weird to talk about guns, a discussion on the trending Gun technologies and its advancement has been a prime criterion for knowing the scientific paradigm behind all the latest and modern warfare developments. The recent events of gun violence in Nevada, Texas, and Mississippi in the US demand some serious solution to the increasing problem. The present solution using technology looks promising … Continue reading Smart Guns – A Technology Hike for Ordinary Guns

Big bang

Big Bang has a Never Ending Story

As we have read in schools that in the early stage of earth or before we came into being, the dinosaurs walked in it. It is controversial to speak about the big bang, but we need to discuss it because the theory of big bang is a huge prediction and physicists/cosmologists are still on the verge to explain the phenomenon. While recalling Big Bang theory … Continue reading Big Bang has a Never Ending Story

wireless charging

Wireless Charging – A New Trend in Technology

The hatch for new technologies in the existing world gives us the opportunity to combat from the hustle and bustle of the livelihood. The topic of wireless charging is on its way to commute the society with a convenient, safe, and reliable way to charge and power millions of electrical devices at home, in the workplace, and in industry. The technology eliminates the use of … Continue reading Wireless Charging – A New Trend in Technology