Qudits: The Face of Quantum Computing

Keeping the fast pace of development in the world of quantum computation, scientists could include another abbreviation to this field, which is named as Qudits. Qudits define the new future of quantum computing which is quite different than Qubits. The community could develop a microchip that can generate qudits, each assuming 10 or more states which is different from a qubit. Qubits operate on the … Continue reading Qudits: The Face of Quantum Computing


KATRIN – A Curiosity about the tiny Ghost Particle of the Universe

The sub-atomic world is flooded with a number of fundamental particles. They are categorized into various families or classes depending on some properties like spin, mass etc. possessed by them. Among them, Neutrino is the one with extremely small mass. The existence of Neutrino was first established by Wolfgang Pauli in 1930 using the Beta decay of nuclear reaction to explain the conservation of energy and … Continue reading KATRIN – A Curiosity about the tiny Ghost Particle of the Universe

Ross 128b

Ross 128b – A Search for Life beyond Our Planet

Are we the only think tanks in this universe? Is there a place somewhere in the whole universe where some advanced living beings breathe air just like us? These are probably the most intriguing questions that are dropping restless thoughts in us for quite some time. A group of researchers has just discovered a low mass alien planet (You can call it an exoplanet), popularly … Continue reading Ross 128b – A Search for Life beyond Our Planet


Kolmogorov Theory of Turbulence and Beyond

Turbulence is a phenomenon in fluid dynamic systems characterized by the chaotic changes in velocity field. Several examples are there to describe the phenomenon of turbulence including smoke rising from cigarettes, terrestrial atmospheric circulation, jet exhaust from a nozzle and flow over a golf ball. The breakdown of the orderly flow of liquid makes it a difficult subject of study. The study involves people from … Continue reading Kolmogorov Theory of Turbulence and Beyond

Complex States

Complex States of Light

Over the last few years, applied physicists are trying to develop some nanostructured material that can generate new and complex states of light. A recent study made by researchers from Harvard John A. Paulson School of Engineering and Applied Sciences have developed a new tool to generate, more complex states of light in a completely different way. “We have developed a metasurface which is a … Continue reading Complex States of Light

Lunar Dust

The Floating Lunar Dust

Moon doesn’t have an atmosphere synonymous to earth, so the surface of the satellite of earth mostly covered by a loose layer of heterogeneous superficial material covering solid rock called as regolith. The substance is a fine powder like, the tiny grains are most sharp and cut like glass, has a shiny look and nearly clings to everything. The dust formation occurs when meteoroids crash … Continue reading The Floating Lunar Dust


Quantum Entanglement of 16 Million Atoms

Quantum communication, a reality to the future communication system has taken a bold step forward in achieving this reality. The theory of Quantum Mechanics that predicts a vast number of atoms can be entangled and intertwined by a very strong relationship has been shown experimentally by the scientists at the University of Geneva (UNIGE), Switzerland. They demonstrated the successful entanglement of 16 million atoms in … Continue reading Quantum Entanglement of 16 Million Atoms

Mosquito Flight

The Physics behind Mosquito Flight

There is always a connection between the objects and subjects that deal with flying or rotating above the surface of the earth. Birds and insects are the inventing themes for scientists, the flying machines with mechanical shafts and engines existing today have a deep relation to those flying creatures. The unmanned and remotely operated flying objects find a much better place for covering the defense … Continue reading The Physics behind Mosquito Flight

Neutron Stars

Gravitational Waves Detected from Two Colliding Neutron Stars

It’s been few days, still, we could not possibly forget the recent achievement, the observation of the two neutron stars colliding, for the first time in the history of mankind. Many theories have been proposed over the year on how the event takes place, but this time we have successfully detected as well as observed the merger of two neutron star. On Aug. 17, the … Continue reading Gravitational Waves Detected from Two Colliding Neutron Stars

Big bang

Big Bang has a Never Ending Story

As we have read in schools that in the early stage of earth or before we came into being, the dinosaurs walked in it. It is controversial to speak about the big bang, but we need to discuss it because the theory of big bang is a huge prediction and physicists/cosmologists are still on the verge to explain the phenomenon. While recalling Big Bang theory … Continue reading Big Bang has a Never Ending Story